Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Children's Christmas Program

The innkeeper with his wife and daughter
The children presented three short dramas for their Christmas program.  The first was the story of a greedy innkeeper, trying to make as much money as he can during the census.  With the help of his wife and daughter, he discovers that money isn't everything; there is human kindness.

The innkeeper tells Mary and Joseph he has no room and they have no money.

The three Wisemen ready to make their journey

The innkeeper tells his daughter to raise the prices in the dining room.

The innkeeper's wife won't allow him to send Mary and Joseph away.

The innkeeper awaits more visitors.

In the stable, the baby has been born.

The star precedes the Wisemen to the stable.

At last the innkeeper realizes that something important has taken place in his stable.

Finale - in the stable

Animals in the stable: cow, donkey, sheep and camel
The animals in the stable presented the second drama.  An ill-tempered cow never shared her hay or manger with anyone until the baby came to share it.   

"What?!  Something in MY manger?!" says the cow.  "We'll see about that!"

"Okay, he can stay," says the cow.  
The third drama was about becoming a Christmas tree.  A poplar tree wants to become a Christmas tree, but the other trees laugh at her Angels come to decorate the poplar and to bring the best Christmas gifts: love, forgiveness, abundant life, peace, eternal life.
Four evergreens and a poplar tree aspire to be Christmas trees.

Children come to choose a tree, but no one wants the poplar.

An angel visits the disappointed poplar tree.

Little angels have decorated the poplar tree and they have brought gifts to put under it, gifts that come from Jesus: peace, love, forgiveness.

An angel brings the gift of  abundant life.

The other trees, battered and broken, have been returned to the Christmas tree farm.  They are surprised to see how beautiful the poplar tree is.

The children sing three Christmas songs.

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